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Major task 4: A flash animation —

I drew the stickman with Flash’s tools and I imported the picture of a bike into a symbol. Then I just used tweens to make it all move. I also used free transform to make the stickman sit on the bike.

Here are some screenshots:

And the animation:


Major task: The installation of WordPress —

I have shell access on this server which means, I did not have to use FTP to install it, all I needed was typing in some commands over ssh, creating a directory that I wanted to have WordPress installed in, and then:

wget http://wordpress.org/latest.tar.gz

to download the latest Wordpress. Then:

tar -xzvf latest.tar.gz

to unpack the archive.

After that, I needed to finish the installation over the HTTP. I am allowed only one MySQL on this server, so the options I had were:

  • To set up equivalent prefixes for tables in this MySQL database.
  • Use SQLite database.


By the way the customization of WordPress. The main changes I made were:

  • changing theme
  • removing categories menu and adding cloud of tags instead
  • editing single.php file to remove the category under the post
  • editing the 404 page

Lecture 10: Free Software —

The assignment is to list five open source applications with explanation why using them, so:

  • Yakuake – It is a nice console emulator that slides from the top of screen when configured button is pushed, it is quite neat.
  • MPD – It’s a music player daemon that can be controlled by various clients over network, especially cool when I want to change a playing track with my phone.
  • Chromium-browser – It’s my favourite web browser. It’s also one of the fastest.
  • nano – It’s a console text editor, very simple to use. Comes in handy when I need to edit something fast or over ssh.
  • screen – A brilliant application that lets me run various things on my servers without the need of me being logged in.

Lecture 6: The middle man —

Workshop: We have seen how the participatory Internet has problematised the traditional role of content providers and distributors.  The examples I have used are from publishing, music, and art.  Your task is to think of and briefly document (no more than 2 or 3 paragraphs) some other web service that replaces the traditional role of the middle man.


Very good example of such middle man is Ebay. It’s a middle man between sellers and buyers. Without Ebay, buying things on over internet from individuals would be a lot riskier because you would have no idea if the seller will indeed send the package or not.

Ebay is mostly for physical goods. There is very popular service called Steam for selling downloadable games over internet. Steam is so convenient that many people prefer buying games there rather than pirating.

Task for week 3: Social Networking sites —

I have accounts on a few social networking sites, of which are:

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Google+

On Facebook, I publish various brief information about me and some activities related to my person. I also have quite a few pictures of myself, motorbikes I’ve owned and other interesting pictures. I am trying to make my Facebook profile to be close to how I am in real life, rather than trying to be someone else. Of course I also make statues about some events that I care about and similar things.

On the other hand on Youtube, I don’t really publish much, because I mostly use Youtube to watch videos and rarely post comments. My profile on Youtube does show what videos I liked, and it may slightly reflect what kind of person I am and what things I like.

Social netowrking profiles of my close friends are still quite close to how they like in real life.